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White Elephant Gag Gift

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Are you tired of bringing the same old white elephant gifts to your holiday parties? Have a coworker that LOVES a good prank? Then this candle is for you!  Introducing our White Elephant Gag Gift Candle – the perfect blend of festive charm and tongue-in-cheek humor that will have everyone at your Christmas gathering in stitches. It's an experience that promises to be the talk of the season.


  • Laugh-Inducing Gift Idea: Our White Elephant Gag Gift Candle will be the talk of your holiday gift exchange this year. It's really the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Premium Quality: Made from high-quality, eco-friendly wax, this candle not only delivers a robust burn time but also ensures a clean and soot-free experience - if you're brave enough to burn it! The carefully selected materials guarantee that your holiday laughter lasts without compromising on safety or environmental consciousness.

  • Unforgettable Fragrance: Our White Elephant Gag Gift Candle will offend the senses with a subtle blend of green sage and citrus with a hearty base of smelly gym socks!


  • Instant Ice Breaker: Watch as the White Elephant Gag Gift Candle steals the spotlight at your Christmas gift exchange, instantly breaking the ice with its witty charm. It's the perfect conversation starter, ensuring a memorable and lighthearted atmosphere for all.

  • Versatile Decor: Enhance your holiday decorations with a touch of humor! Whether adorning the mantle, serving as a centerpiece, or nestled among the Christmas stockings, this candle seamlessly integrates into any festive setting, injecting a dose of merriment wherever it goes.

  • Thoughtful Gifting: Looking for the ultimate white elephant gift or a quirky stocking stuffer? Our Gag Gift Candle is the answer! Spread joy to friends, family, and colleagues with a present that combines laughter and the holiday spirit, creating lasting memories.

🎁 Give a gift that doubles as a prank—and don't hold back! You won't believe the power of this candle—a mix of sage and citrus with an extra, mysterious smelly twist. It's so potent, even burning it halfway will leave your friends scrambling to fix a stench they won't soon forget. 🤢 So don't be surprised if you're banished outdoors while your buddies figure out how to cope. Talk about good clean fun...or not-so-clean.